If you have ordered a web hosting package and you have some inquiries with regards to a specific feature/function, or in case you have faced a certain predicament and you need assistance, you should be able to touch base with the respective help desk support team. All hosting providers deploy a ticketing system regardless of whether they offer other ways of contacting them aside from it or not, because of the fact that the fastest way to solve an issue most often is to send a ticket. This form of correspondence makes the replies exchanged by both sides simple to follow and allows the technical support staff members to escalate the situation in the event that, for instance, a server admin must intervene. Usually, the ticketing system is part of the billing account and is not directly connected to the hosting space, which suggests that you will need to have at least 2 different accounts to get in touch with the tech support staff and to actually manage the hosting space. Incessantly switching from one account to the other can often be a nuisance, not to mention the fact that it takes quite a bit of time for most web hosting companies to process ticket requests.