The quality of the hosting service that you will receive for your websites is dependent not only on the features which a particular plan has, but also on the hardware your web apps run on. Increased CPU speeds, for example, suggest that the processes running on the server will be executed a lot faster, while extra physical memory (RAM) means that even more processes can run simultaneously. The grade of the hardware may also affect the general performance and dependability of the server. Because the web hosting service today features not just file storage, but also databases, email messages, logs, etc, additional processing power is required to run all of the system processes and to make sure that they work properly and devoid of lag. In case the hardware is not powerful enough, the result will be slower sites or even service timeouts since the machine may not be able to manage all requests to the sites hosted on it.

24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Servers

In case you decide to get a dedicated server from our company, you will receive a machine with powerful hardware which will meet your requirements whatever the type of Internet sites you would like to run. We use diligently tested components to make sure that you won't experience any kind of hardware problems, but to be on the safe side, we always have spare parts within our US datacenter where our 24/7 support team can replace any component very quickly. With up to 12-core processors, 16 GB physical memory and gigabit network cards, you will get a hosting powerhouse for your web applications and never worry if they will function properly or not. Certainly, in case you don't need such a configuration, we've got less powerful servers to match your requirements and budget as well. You'll find the same high-quality hardware with every single dedicated server solution.