All devices on the Internet are identified by a special number called an IP address, such as When you have a site, the domain name that you type in order to load it is to save you time, yet the server where the website files are still has an IP. Because there are a lot more sites and devices than there're IPs, all of the shared web hosting servers have a number of websites under the very same IP, while when you use a dedicated server you'll have a dedicated IP too. Even in the first case though, you're able to get a dedicated IP for your websites and host them on a shared server. An advantage would be that you'll enjoy improved search engine positions since a dedicated IP often means a quicker loading website. What's more, you need such an IP in case you plan to acquire an SSL certificate for your website and shield the info that your visitors submit on it.

Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Servers

If you order a dedicated server, you probably plan to run some web app or host a number of Internet sites, so we supply three dedicated IPs 100 % free with each and every plan and you'll be able to use them the way you like - a software server, an SSL certificate, even child name servers for a domain that you have registered here or through another company. The aforementioned option is very useful in case you use the dedicated server to host users' sites since it will give you credibility and anonymity as a hosting company. The server billing Control Panel will allow you to add additional IPs as well - the upgrade comes in increments of three and takes only a couple of clicks in the Upgrades section, so you'll be able to go ahead and take advantage of the brand new dedicated IPs a few minutes after you send your order.